My name is Melanie and I recently relocated to the greater Chattanooga area in Tennessee. I moved to be close to family after my husband passed away. We had been living in retirement in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona for 16 years. Born in Central New York State in the Finger Lakes Region, I was raised in a military home so I never had a "real" hometown. My late husband, Bob, was retired from the military. If I were ever to pick a hometown, it will probably be a beach town in Florida. I have lived in various places around the globe but have not ruled out returning to Florida since becoming a widow.

I am a Christian, a right-leaning Moderate, and abundantly blessed with family and friends. A Patriot, I will never "take a knee" except in prayer. I love animals and currently have a sweet dark gray Tuxedo cat named Sluggo. He is quite a talker and expresses himself loudly. In fact, he and I enjoy conversations, gossiping and giggling about my sister who thinks her dogs really know what she says to them. (Just kidding!)

In my youth, I often lived near the ocean. Swimming and sailing are my favorite water sports. While a young adult, my father, a retired military aviator, and a commercial instructor pilot, taught me to fly in order to earn a pilot's license. Traveling, reading (crime fiction and mysteries), and researching family history fills my time. In fact, my first ancestor in America arrived in 1620 and my most recent landed on these shores in 1930. An avid life-long seamstress and a dabbler in quilting and needlework, I know how to stay busy.

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  1. Hello from WNY -- Niagara Falls area.

  2. Very impressive story!! Blessings for continued good health in your retirement to continue making awesome memories!💗💗💗