My name is Melanie and I live in Arizona. Born in Central New York State in the Finger Lakes Region, I was raised in a military home. My late husband, Bob, was retired from the military, so I don't have a "real" hometown. If I had to pick one, it is probably a beach in Florida. I have lived in various places around the globe and I am now enjoying retirement in the Sonoran Desert.

I am a Christian, a Patriot, conservative, and abundantly blessed with family and friends. I have one granddaughter - the lovely Brooke, age 16! She is hoping to become a doctor. I love animals and currently have a sweet cat named Sluggo. He is a "meezer", which means he is quite the talker. In fact, he and I enjoy conversations between ourselves, gossiping about the neighbor who thinks her dog understands what she says. (Just kidding!)

In my youth, I lived by the ocean and participated in water sports. Sailing is my favorite. In my late teens, my father taught me to fly and I have my pilot's license. (My father was a professional instructor pilot.) I enjoy traveling, reading (crime fiction and mysteries), and researching family history. I am an avid life-long seamstress and enjoy dabbling in quilting and needlework. I never enjoyed knitting or crocheting.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Please feel free to leave a comment - it makes my heart happy!


  1. Hello from WNY -- Niagara Falls area.

  2. Very impressive story!! Blessings for continued good health in your retirement to continue making awesome memories!💗💗💗