Friday, March 1, 2013

Slipcover & Upholstery

Slipcovered Sofa (& Upholstered Chair)

My niece, Carrie, has a sofa that had been ruined by a cat she was keeping for someone else. The sofa was still good but the fabric was ruined. We made a trip to the fabric store - Jackman's. Oh, how I wish there were a Jackman's in my area! Carrie selected the fabric and I proceeded to make her a removable, dry-cleanable slip cover for the sofa. The four sofa cushions have zipper closures so they can also be easily removed. Because the cover is custom made, it fits the sofa like a glove and gives the sofa an upholstered look.
Together, she and I reupholstered, as opposed to slipcovered, a chair for her in a companion fabric but only a small corner of the chair is visible on the left edge of the photo. This was the first time I had actually sewn slipcovers and I was using an unfamiliar sewing machine so the project took two weeks. (It's peculiar how we become accustomed to something as simple as a sewing machine and prefer to use our own things.) It's not perfect but it's quite satisfactory and we were both pleased with the results!

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