Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

In 2011, when my granddaughter, Brooke, was seven years old, her family and another went to Disney World-Orlando for vacation. Brooke and her friend, Jordan, wanted to dress up like Rapunzel when they attended their lunch with the Disney Princesses. This is my interpretation of the Rapunzel costume. I made two identical dresses - one for each child.
I used a dress pattern I already had and altered the neckline into a square. Ruffles were added to each sleeve. I did not make long sleeves because this was a summertime visit. I added an overskirt that opened in the center front to reveal the purple dress beneath and so the girls could twirl around. The dress is trimmed in rose-colored ribbon and white satin.

The children were thrilled to be invited to dance with Rapunzel and this Nana was delighted to hear about it!

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