Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Garden Fairy, Rosetta

Tinkerbell's Friend: Rosetta

Here is my interpretation of the Rosetta character's costume, made for my granddaughter, Brooke. I cannot locate a photo taken with Brooke wearing it but I know I have one. Rosetta is Brooke's favorite Disney fairy and this was made for the trip to Disney World mentioned in previous postings. The multi-colored fabric gathered into little ruffles on the sleeves and neckline represents the flowers in a garden. I purchased leggings to match. 
The design is from a basic pattern with raglan sleeves. Because Florida has hot and humid summers, I wanted to keep the costume lightweight and not too fussy. The fabric is a pink print cotton. Since fairies fly, I made the handkerchief hemline in an attempt to give the costume a floating effect. The dress also has a back-tied sash. In retrospect, I would have added decorative trim  at the waist tied in a simple bow and made of braided ribbon to match the ruffles.

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